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Welcome to Wenatex - Healthy Sleep for a Better Life!

Sleep is vital for our health, because when we sleep, we heal our bodies and minds. Wenatex conducts seminars to educate people on how to achieve a “Healthy Sleep for a Better Life”. Use this website to book into our events, or access articles and sleep tips that can help you improve your sleep environment.

The Science of a Good Mattress
Is Your Pillow Waking You Up?
There are many factors required to achieve a good night’s sleep. One of these is a good quality pillow, which must maintain a natural curve of the spine. This article has checklist to use when purchasing a good quality pillow.
Sex, Sleep & the City
Sex, Sleep & the City
Times have changed and our sleep habits have also changed. This insightful article uses the Three Musketeers and Sex and the City to examine how differently we now live our lives and the reasons for these dramatic changes.
Does a Stressful Sleep Cause Disease?
Melatonin, our Rest and Repair Hormone
Wenatex is pleased to introduce Vreni Gurd from Wellness Tips as a guest author. In her article, Vreni discusses melatonin and its effects on the body. She also provides us with strategies for how to produce more melatonin naturally.
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